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What can Your Business do to Prepare for Ramadan?

A Socially Distanced Ramadan

The dynamic of how we interreact on a day-to-day basis has changed drastically. Globally, we have had to adjust our natural behaviours and habits to adapt to what we now refer to ‘the new normal’ but how does this affect our buying behaviour, and specifically over Ramadan?

According to Facebook insights from research undertaken Ramadan 2020, 42% of people spent less time in stores during Ramadan and EID because of COVID 19, 51% spent more time shopping online and people were 3x more likely to feel safer shopping online compared to in-store shopping. This may come as no surprise to most, but it has become even more crucial for a business to ensure their digital communications are as effective as they can be.

Ramadan Purchasing Behaviour

The Ramadan period is a time for introspection, cleanliness and mindfulness which is something that factors in purchasing decisions in this period. As one would expect, Ramadan shopping is centred around food and beverages, it is also a time of gifting and this is reflected in the uplift in people shopping for consumables such as jewellery, clothing, toys and beauty products. Facebook’s insights tell us that the biggest shopping peaks are 12 days before Ramadan and the twelve days before the start of EID. It is also worth noting that people have a heightened awareness of giving back to the community and charitable actions. Partnering with like-minded businesses and finding ways to give back to the community is a great idea all year round, but the opportunities to do this are far greater over Ramadan, so have a think about any opportunities that align with your values and go for it.

Digital Behaviour

Facebook’s insights have found that there is a spike in mobile usage during Ramadan, and with the current social distancing guidelines, digital usage is likely to be even higher. This may mean that Facebook advertising costs reach a higher price due to competitors bidding in the same advertising space, so what can you do to maximise the success of your individual posts when there is so much noise?

1. Consider your target audience carefully; use your audience insights to research targeting that may have been missed by similar businesses. This will put you in a good position to reach your target audience at a lower CPM.

2. Consider your creative carefully to ensure it is high-quality, stands out, and captivates your audience; Social media is distraction marketing and with many others competing to dominate the social space, your visual content can make or break the success of your campaign.

3. Ensure your copy is straight to the point, clear and effective; Highlight your offer in the first line to draw your audience in. And remember, attention spans are short!

4. Consider a special offer for your customers; If you are presenting an offer or a discount, take some time to think about why your offer stands out from the rest is it an attractive offer?

5. Remarket to your audience; Research shows, the average person requires 7 touchpoints before a purchase is likely to take place, so your retargeting is an important cog in your campaign.

6. Lastly and by no means least is planning all of the above; The key to the success of all of the factors above is planning in advance!

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