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Ad account audit

 If you have previous ad account activity, we start with an ad account audit which can help us identify areas for improvement.


Audience research and creation

 Where possible, we use your digital assets to create custom audiences to target. We also use Facebook's research tools to discover audiences that other businesses may have overlooked.


Ad creation

We use your existing images/videos combined with our design skills where necessary to craft assets that best represent your brand campaign. We then craft copy designed to engage your target audience.

Pixel integration and tracking

 We set up all the necessary Pixel tracking within your Facebook ad account and whoever deals with your website, with the code and installation instructions.


Location targeting

 By researching the area in which you operate, and where most of your customers come from, we establish the best locations to advertise to. This will take into account predicted audience size and the products and services you offer.

Ad testing and optimisation

We monitor the performance of your ads to establish the best performers. We like to test new ad creatives frequently as we know this is often an area that can make a big difference to your ROAS (return on ad spend).

Audience adjustments and budget reallocation

We use audience insights data to find the groups of people that respond best to your campaigns, then we optimise.


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