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Introducing yet another exciting new Instagram feature...

Make collections with friends!

Instagram has had plenty of updates but this one’s a special one - they’ve come up with a new “Collections” feature that’s made keeping in mind all the issues users have faced while sharing posts with groups of friends.

You can share what you like with multiple people within seconds and not worry about losing the content you’ve saved. All you need to do is create a collaborative collection, give it a custom name and share it with your friends; it’s hassle-free and quick!

Not only does it save time and a lot of effort, but also allows your friends to add content, keep everything you shared in one place and make it easy for your group to access all of it whenever they want. Whether it’s a reel from the explore page, feed posts or DMs, you’ll find them right there, in your collections.

Save and organise what you discover on Instagram, and connect better with your friends. What are you waiting for? Log into your IG account and give it a try.

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